Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Farm Babies

Aren't they cute?! Latest count is 12 babies!! And still more to go!

And the Work Begins...

Uncle Peanut and Aunt Frances we finally able to get all of their stuff out of the house...let the DIY journey begin!! Here are a few pictures of what we've done in and around the house so far. First we got rid of all the bushes and trees up against the house and a few in the yard that we didn't want to mow around. Then we moved into the laundry/mud room (no house in the country should be without one). We moved the washer and dryer onto the back porch and pulled the paneling off the walls. Steven also installed some lights in the attic, and he did a great job. Our next step will be to get up under the house and make sure the floors are level and well-supported...I'm not really looking forward to that because I'm worried what I might run into down there. I guess we'll see...

Monday, May 18, 2009


This is the baby donkey! She looks just like her momma. The first picture was taken a couple weeks ago, and the other picture was taken this weekend.

This is one of our newest babies...we have 10 now! Our latest addition was born just a couple hours ago.

Friday, May 15, 2009

We're Finally Homeowners!!!

We finally closed on our house! After four and a half long months we finally have a home that we can call ours! We are so excited about how God has blessed us!! Uncle Peanut and Aunt Frances still have a few things to move out, but once they're finished we can start working on it. We're planning on knocking out a wall, putting up sheetrock and painting most of the rooms before we move in since we don't have to move out of his parents' house in a hurry (it's so much easier to do all that when you don't have any furniture in the way). I can't wait to get started!

This is a view of the front door. According to Steven and his parents, no one has ever used the front door, so we are planning to eventually turn that porch area into our closet/storage space, since our room will be what that door leads into. So what you're actually looking at is the back side of the house.

This is our back yard. To the left is the barn, complete with parking spaces for three cars. Look at that yard!!

This is the front of the house (what we now consider the front, anyways).

This is about half of the front yard. It extends much farther to the left, but is split up by a fence. The other side was Aunt Frances' garden, but we are going to take the fence down so the yard extends all the way to the road.