Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring is here!!

Spring is finally here! I haven't had anything to post about since not much has happened. We're still in the process of buying his uncle's house, but we're finally in the "home" stretch, so we should be homeowners by the end of April!
We did get a visitor a couple weeks ago...

We call him Hound Dog (original, right?). He showed up on the back porch one day and acted like he's always lived here. He plays with Shadow and the other dogs and is very friendly. He belongs to a family that lives down the road, but every time they take him home he comes back. I have a feeling he will be a permanent addition before we know it. What's one more? :-)

Shadow's still getting a little bigger every day. We weighed him last week and he's up to 58 pounds! He's so smart, and it's always interesting to watch him. We buy him pig ears every now and then and when we give him one he will go "bury" somewhere in the house, usually in between couch cushions or under clothes or behind something. He doesn't tear up much except for the stuffed toys we buy him, but the other day we left him inside because of the weather and he got hold of one of our remote controls...

This is what Steven found when he got home from work. We have a remote controlled shock-collar (when we push a button on the remote it sends a signal to his collar which will either beep or give him a little shock to make him respond to us). We think he confused the tv remote for the other remote.

Below are a couple pictures I took around the yard. Please pray for us as we continue (and hopefully finish) the home-buying process. I will keep you posted on the progress! God bless!

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